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We are a way cool place to eat, and thought you'd like to know some interesting facts about us:

First off, we like off-beat humor. We will joke with our staff & patrons. OK, yes this sometimes gets us in trouble, but hey, you know what they say -- "If you can't stand the heat…" Secondly, our staff really likes our patrons! Yes, you heard it right -- we like you. But don't let that go to your heads. We'll still joke with you until you cry "Uncle!" Thirdly, we really are nice folk, even though we try to scare the heck out of you by making you think we'll pick on you the whole time you're here. Truth be told, expect nothing less than wonderful food, great service from our [crazy, absolutely crazy] friendly staff and a memorable time here at Rock City. All kidding aside, we look forward to your visit with us here at Rock City!


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On September 18, 1989, our owners Jim and Rose Rhoades got a huge surprise while working at Patsy Clark’s Mansion, a fine dining restaurant in Spokane? Secret service agents informed Jim that the sitting President George H. W. Bush would be having dinner in the restaurant. He had 45 minutes notice.

Rose was his server and took care of their party in a private room, called the Chinese Game Room. He had a great time, joked with Rose and gave her his autograph and several mementos. He dined on Spinach Salad and a Whiskey Steak, Jim’s personal recipe. 



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DID YOU KNOW - Rock City Grill is an independent restaurant owned by Jim and Rose Rhoades. The restaurant opened on October 19th, 1992. In 2000, Jim and Rose adopted a little girl in China who was born on October 19th.